LED: Kid Lightning at Morrison Center

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Morrison Center For The Performing Arts | Boise, Idaho


Something for dance fanatics and lovers on Friday 26th April 2024, get the diary out! Morrison Center For The Performing Arts has an abundance of magical dance shows, and LED: Kid Lightning's spring, 2024 tour is one of those, with tonnes of wonderful reviews its held in high regard by all. LED: Kid Lightning will come to the smashing, Morrison Center For The Performing Arts, Boise, Idaho on Friday 26th April 2024. If you want to see LED: Kid Lightning for a Friday of pure entertainment this April you can secure access immediately, just click the 'get tickets' link this instant! Tickets are in limited supply, don't hang around!

There are pleasurable feelings joined with seeing an in person dance production, its unique and surely an event to go to with your closest friends and family, one wholesome moment together it's just amazing! Have you noticed that LED: Kid Lightning is on a statewide tour for spring, 2024? What a wonderful bit of news! LED: Kid Lightning have the most exceptional talent around, likely the unrivaled, ratings have been so well received, you just cannot let this slip the net! So you have a set plan for what you'll be doing Friday 26th April 2024! On top of that is that, LED: Kid Lightning is going to showcase this Friday evening of fine choreography in April at the amazing Morrison Center For The Performing Arts, Idaho, Boise! Morrison Center For The Performing Arts is so well known for its outstanding surroundings and friendly service, there will be abundant jaw dropping food vendors and commercial march will be available at a glance. Tickets are running low so we recommend that you secure a set fast...we can facilitate the process simply press the 'get tickets' button that you can see above!

LED at Morrison Center For The Performing Arts

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