Mean Girls at Morrison Center

Mean Girls Tickets

Morrison Center For The Performing Arts | Boise, Idaho

Mean Girls

Ready for a tantalizing musical delight this March? Then look no more, because one of the most illustrious musical halls in Boise (and across the entire Idaho as well) has got your back and is cooking up something very special for the local and traveling musical admirers alike. That’s right, the iconic Mean Girls will make a stop in the city to hit the stage of Morrison Center For The Performing Arts and take the patrons on a hilarious and exciting journey in the lives of the bold teenage girl Regina and her dearest frenemy Cady. If you have any doubts that this highly anticipated adaptation could ever surpass the success and glory of the movie from 2004, there’s only one way to find out for sure. Hit the Buy Ticket button today and experience at first hand what it’s like to walk in Regina George’s high heels!

For a night of delicious drama and revenge, join Mean Girls on Saturday 9th March 2024. Morrison Center For The Performing Arts, Boise, Idaho is pleased to be showing such a dynamic stage show, so purchase your seats now before they are gone! ‘Meet The Plastics’, Regina George, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith – Queen Bees of North Shore High, with Regina as the leader of the shameless clique. When home educated Cady Heron starts at the school, utterly naïve and wanting a clique, what will develop? Will she be in favour with The Plastics? Will she understand the laws of Girl World? Can naïve Cady survive the labyrinths and troubles of North Shore High School, or will she change so she doesn’t know who she is? Find out for yourself the cautionary tale of North Shore High as melodies, drama, humour and ‘coolness’ create a brilliantly vibrant stage musical that is Mean Girls. Morrison Center For The Performing Arts is THE unrivaled site to enjoy your time enjoying the drama. It’s comfortable facilities and layout make it both a pleasing theatre trip, as well as revealing the stage drama faultlessly. Secure your tickets today for the performance on Saturday 9th March 2024 with the Morrison Center For The Performing Arts, before they are all sold out.

Mean Girls at Morrison Center For The Performing Arts

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