Six The Musical at Morrison Center

Six The Musical Tickets

Morrison Center For The Performing Arts | Boise, Idaho

Six The Musical

What do queens do when a king breaks their heart? They turn from Tudor queens to divas and pop icons! The six wives of Henry VIII will now take a stand and tell their stories onstage with what is said to be the "remix of five hundred years of historical heartbreak into a Euphoric Celebration of 21st-century girl power!" SIX is musical production showcasing her royal highnesses' tales of love, betrayal, and tragedy that could possibly end in a happy-ever-after. Catch this all-woman cast and all-woman band sizzle with electrifying showmanship at the Morrison Center For The Performing Arts in Boise, Idaho. Tickets are now on sale!

It may be set in Tudor times but trust us, it is performed very much in the 21st century. The wives are young, fun and totally up on their lingo. You’ll want to catch more performances that sound like us millennial’s. Straight away it feels welcoming and ‘for you’. Language is changing and it’s amazing that more and more Musical’s are showing that. If you are a true SIX fan, then you absolutely MUST come and watch this fantastic performance that is being avidly discussed all over the state.

Six The Musical at Morrison Center For The Performing Arts

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